Moana & The Tribe Moana & The Tribe
Moana & the Tribe, live
Moana & the Tribe, live
Moana & the Tribe, live
Moana & the Tribe (Banff Centre, Canada)
Moana & the Tribe (Banff Centre, Canada)
Moana & the Tribe (Banff Centre, Canada)
The Best of Moana & The Tribe The Best of Moana & The Tribe
Saltwater Sisters - In Production Saltwater Sisters
Trailer, THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING (Tawera/Black Pearl Productions)
AEIOU, music video
TREATY, (Chiemsee Reggae Festival, Germany)
TREATY, (Chiemsee Reggae Festival, Germany)
TREATY, (Chiemsee Reggae Festival, Germany)
PAE O RIRI, (Babylon, Istanbul)
PAE O RIRI, (Babylon, Istanbul)
PAE O RIRI, (Babylon, Istanbul)

The Latest From Moana...

Only 3 weeks away from flying to Glasgow and its all go on completing our album RIMA. Looking forward to playing at an official NZ gig on our last night in Scotland. Unfortunately, not the whole TRIBE, more like the HAPU! Looking forward to trotting out the band again. Here was our review at this years WomadNZ.

'Moana and the Tribe were a mainstage standout with their meld of thumping soul-funk and haka which also delivered well-received social and political messages, among them a new song Seashells speaking out about multi-national deep sea drilling and black sand mining (between signs for the sponsors Todd Energy and Shell) and closing with the The World is Watching.'

Paddy Free and myself have been on a roll in his fabulous studio, hidden away in the bush of the iconic west coast surf beach Piha. We have nearly completed my 5th major album RIMA. Got the songs nailed, but can't tell you the titles yet - might need to brainstorm those first! Heads up - a couple of very experimental, te reo Maori dub tracks, a big beasty reggae/dub/dance number, a lovely acapella and something acoustic and catchy. Thanks so much to Te Waka Toi for helping me complete this album. Having way too much fun to call it work. Love my 'day job...'

Seabed mining is poised to happen in NZ on a scale more grand than anywhere else in the world. Not good. Moana & the Tribe are throwing our support behind KASM (Kiwis Against Seabed Mining) at a fundraiser in beautiful Raglan on March 3. Join us for a night of music, kai, auction and fun.

Boomerang (10 Apr)
Our Boomerang Project featuring Moana & the Tribe, Horomona Horo (NZ), Breabach (Scotland), Casey Donovan and Shellie Morris (Australia) just premiered in Aussie at the Sydney Opera House's Homeground Festival. FANTASTIC. Awesome crowd, emotional response, choice music, sublime setting. Hard to beat. Next stop, Glasgow....can't wait.


Album Release 'The Best of.'
Performed, Message Sticks, Sydney Opera House
Album Release 'Acoustic'
Performed, Shanghai World Expo
Performed, Venice Biennale
Album Release: 'Wha'
Recipient, Music Industry Award
Recipient, Arts Foundation Laureate Award
Recipient, Te Tohu Mahi Hou a Te Waka Toi (CNZ)
Recipient (Lifetime), Toi Iho Award
Appointed, Member of NZ Order of Merit, Queens Birthday Honours.
DVD Release: 'Live'
Winner Grand Jury Prize, International Song Contest
Represented NZ at Greece Cultural Olympiad
DVD Release: 'Live & Proud'
Album Toru reaches 17 on World Music Charts